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Our society assures the monitoring of your alarm system and the rapid intervention in case of intruder alarms/sabotage as follows:

  • the event’s detection and the alarm’s forwarding from the location to the dispatching;
  • the identification of the location ( access coding, name, address, etc.);
  • directing the intervention team to the location;
  • the inspection, and the analysis of the alarm’s cause;
  • reporting the analysis of the alarm’s cause to the dispatcher.

In case of false alarms the patrol will be provided for the Beneficiary.

In case of real alarms, the intervention team undertakes the first measures required by the event’s character.

Real alarms are transmitted, after inspection, to the Police or to the Fire Department, and according to the law the mentioned authorities send their teams to the location.

The intervention teams respond in the shortest period of time to stop breaking in, the abstraction and the deteriorations of the documents, of the goods and of the materials inside the location.

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